Syntex – Dianabol 25mg/50 Tabs


Dianabol is the brand name by which the oral steroid Methandrostenolone is known. This steroid was brought to market in the USA by CIBA in the year 1959. Dr. John Bosley Ziegler is the man responsible for creating Dianabol, his motivation was to use it as an aid for American athletes competing against the Soviets. The Russians had already been using the performance enhancing effects of testosterone in their athletes for years. After discovering this, it took the Americans until 1959 to develop their own steroid to challenge the soviet doping machine. The Russians were injecting Testosterone Suspension several times per day to increase strength and performance with great success. Dr. Ziegler would in turn developed Methandrostenolone, which would later be known as Dianabol, a much stronger hormone than Testosterone with the added benefit that it could be take orally a couple of times per day. The laboratory that sponsored Dr. Ziegler’s research CIBA released the newly created Methandrostenolone under the brand name Dianabol.

For USA customers packaging may differ and dosage is 50mg x 50 Capsules